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"W8Group, thank you for artistically sculpting our vision on paper to push it through in such a way that only someone of your true professional skills could do. You guys truly have a gift. Thank you for the countless hours you poured into this making revisions and changing directions constantly. Thank you for being such huge team players and not just completing a professional service but gaining a passion and pouring it into our ministry."
- Jake Bodine, founder and CEO of God Behind Bars, Inc

"Wendy's expertise in the non-profit grant arena is invaluable and we consider her an extension of our Child Focus family.  She prepares thorough and strategic grants on our behalf that have resulted in favorable funding outcomes  and meaningful new relationships. She also guided our Board of Directors to understand the key players behind the decision-making allowing us to further advocate for our cause utilizing existing personal and professional relationships to educate the Foundations about our charity and programs." - Lori Nelson, former president of Child Focus, Inc. and Vice President, Corporate Communications at Station Casinos

"Wendy Waite and W8Group have been a core part of my business strategy for over 6 years now, and are a big reason my company has been able to grow and expand into new markets and take on large projects. They have raised millions of dollars with us, and they keep getting better each year. I cannot say enough about Wendy Waite and her team- they are the most professional, hard working, competent, and highly organized team of fundraisers I have ever worked with. Even under the high stress of grant deadlines and project timelines, they remain professional and always, always deliver. There is literally no one else in the state of Nevada that I would recommend. Wendy and her team are the absolute best!"
- Cyndy Ortiz Gustafson, Principal of Strategic Progress, LLC

"It is so difficult to find a grant writer who will communicate with you every step of the way during the process and is willing to go the extra mile to conduct research and add statistics to strengthen your proposal.  In this competitive market a grant writer with these qualities is a rare gem but we are lucky to have found that in Wendy Waite and W8Group.  Our programs and services count on grant funding to grow and thrive so Wendy Waite is a valuable part of our team."
- Tina Jeeves, Senior Vice President of Programs for Easter Seals Nevada

"I founded Freedom House Sober Living in March of 2010 as a result of my passion for helping people that were struggling with alcoholism and addiction. Many people say I did things backwards… I built the facility in hopes that they would come. . . . and they did. So we spent the first two years focusing on the facility itself and trying to manage logistical issues as we went along. I soon realized that the need for our services was even greater than I had anticipated. I needed a way to reach out to the public and private sectors and break through the stigma associated with addiction. I needed a way to help the community and government agencies understand why it is important to support us. I needed a way to measure the economic impact our services have to the community. And I needed a way to help potential donors believe that their resources were well spent. A good friend of mine told me of his experience with Tom and Wendy Waite and how much they had helped him and his organization. So I called them. They came and toured the facility and got to know me and learned about my personal story with addiction. They met some of the people we were helping, and saw what we had created. As a result of many hours of research they developed a Case for Support document. It was amazing to read about our organization and understand our barriers. It was amazing to see in print for the first time just how important our work was and how big of an impact on our community it was to take just one addict of the street and coach them into a new life style. The financial impact is huge, and I was so excited. Today we use that Case for Support in many ways, the most important being raising fund to offset our costs and improve our program and services to help more desperate and struggling people. I am truly grateful for Tom and Wendy Waite and the care they have taken in assisting our small organization in the ways they do. I would highly recommend their company to any organization looking for their professional services. "
- Jeff Iverson, Founder – Freedom House Sober Living, Inc.

"A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

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